a large man yelling about chamomile

August 30, 2014


Verizon Wireless Commercial 2014

It’s football season, which means it’s also the season of NFL player cameos in commercials, for better or worse (usually for worse). This year Verizon wanted in on the action, so they employed a whopping 3 players to make up for all the time they lost on the “Can you hear me now?” campaign. What […]

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the sonic formula

June 25, 2014


sonic commercial summer of shakes

If there’s one consistent thing about fast food ads (other than slow motion bites of gratuitously large meat sandwiches), it’s the formula of humor. Burger King has had some pretty weird commercials that don’t follow suit, but mostly it goes: advertisement, lame joke. Sonic is pretty famous for this. They’ve been rocking the two guys […]

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taco bell’s ‘totally forgettable’ game-day campaign

February 8, 2014


Taco Bell Game Day Commercial 2013

Special thanks to iSpot.tv, without whom I never would have found this awful commercial online. I can’t embed it for some reason, so you’ll have to watch it via that link if you care to. Super Bowl is over, I know, & thus so is football season. But I’ve been choking back a rant on […]

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turbotax? i’m intuit.

January 5, 2014


Year of You TurboTax Commercial 2014

Gosh darn. I’ve never been so pumped up to do taxes with software I don’t use. Everything about this commercial is great, which had to be the case to justify a 90-second spot. A major obstacle most ads don’t overcome is finding an emotional pull to get the viewer really invested into the ad. Car […]

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ps4 keeps you hanging on

December 27, 2013


ps4 commercial

I’ve already talked about how good Playstation’s promos for the PS4 were, but this campaign is cool enough to revisit it now that the product is actually out. This video is the full version of the ad & slightly different from the TV spot, but I wanted the extra 30 seconds of the Lou Reed […]

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almost, acura

November 27, 2013


Acura RLX Commercial

The world of luxury car commercials is an interesting one; from Don Draper doing voiceover for Mercedes-Benz to cars showing off stupid, excessive features like self-parallel-parking, this is a competitive field of one-upsmanship in which the 5 or 6 major names try to outclass each other. Acura had a good go of it, mostly. I […]

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miller lite gets it right

November 10, 2013


miller lite punch top can commercial

Miller Lite hasn’t done much right in terms of their actual beer (except, maybe, be cheap or readily available). Their advertising has been pretty standard fare in terms of bottom-shelf beer commercials – funny, largely pointless, comedy celebrities (how did Dodge land the Anchorman promotions?), etc. But after actually trying one of these punch-top cans […]

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